OCT Scanning

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanning is a state of the art process in which we use advanced techniques to scan and image the internal structure of a patient’s eye.

It's more than just an eye test, it's a health test.

Unlike retinal photography, OCT goes beyond the retina and looks at the layers behind it to more accurately identify potential health risks.

Coined as an MRI scanning for eyes, OCT scanning allows us to more readily optimise our diagnostic techniques and with it we can identify common eye conditions such as glaucoma before any damage to a patient’s vision is caused; a contrast to standard eye tests where conditions such as glaucoma can only be identified at a later stage. With that in mind we consider OCT scanning as a paramount visual testing method which all suitable patients should take advantage of on a regular basis to monitor and manage their ocular health more seamlessly.

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